This year I will be embarking on a new project.  Last year was the 365 Day project.  This year will be another personal based project, but I am not 100% set on what it will be.  Jonah and our little family is just so important to me, and so much of my thought life is spent here, so it will definitely revolve around that subject.  I have narrowed it down to either, mornings in our household, or the life of a toddler.  The morning one is interesting to me because mornings always have such a promising feel to me.  I can see this project having a variety of different photos, but still a complete feel at the end of the project.  The second project came to my mind while watching Jonah’s little personality develop.  There are so many emotions, I would love to try to capture what it feels like to be a toddler, or maybe even what it feels like to live with a toddler.

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