“That’s just typical Kate and Kyle”.  Kyle kept saying this through out the day, and it just cracked me up.  From our first meeting Kyle told me how he wasn’t a fan of the “posey-cheesy photography” where photographers have people doing lots of things they never do normally.  “Well that’s good” I told him, “Because I am documentary photography, I love capturing the real you.”  Of course, through out the day we did do some poses (I do try to keep the posed portion light and fun), and that’s when the hilarious Kyle quote snuck out.

It got me thinking though, what is typical Kate and Kyle?  I only know these two a little bit, so there is so much about them that I don’t know.  But from a wedding photographers perspective “typical Kate and Kyle” is this:  Two people who love each other with a time tested, long, enduring, goofy, make each other laugh, poke-fun, serve, know the in’s and out’s, my family is your family kind of a love.  That is what I love about my job, I get to know two wonderful people just a little bit better.  It’s just a little bit though.  I love thinking about my clients and their whole lives, their “typical” lives, where love is tested and tried and where real life happens (which by the way is why I recommend documentary style sessions to EVERYONE).  So thank you Kate and Kyle for letting me into your lives for this day, and letting me get to know “Typical Kate and Kyle” just a little better.

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