Today is my 30th birthday.  That seems strange, although I feel like I have been preparing for it ever since turning 29, so it doesn’t seem quite as shocking as I thought.  Perhaps it will seem weird when I say it outloud to someone, or write it on an official paper of some sort.

I thought I would be scared to turn 30, it is, after all, saying good bye to a bit of youth.   There is something youthful and free about your 20s.  It is an exciting time, but truth be told, a time I am ready to hold as a dear memory.  I feel as though I am ready to enter my 30s.

It is time where I will be a mother for the entirety of the decade, a time where I will learn more about what loving a person through the years actually looks like, a time where a house becomes a home and where lasting memories are formed in our children’s lives.  There are souls, one sleeping in his room and one growing inside of me, who will remember the next 10 years as a crucial and hopefully a beautiful time of their lives. How important it is to make these years count.  It won’t be easy, and there will be (many) times where I am exhausted and want to give up, or run away, or just be generally apathetic.  BUT ten years from this day, when I sit back and reflect on the last 10 years I want to be looking back at a time where I ran with all my strength the race set out for me, I want to see belly laughs and stories that will be told for years to come, I want to see us working through hard times, leaning on our God and each other.  I want to see us fighting and caring and trying, when, goshdern we are tired and everything in us wants to give up.

Here we go 30…let’s do this.

Photos below by my friend Alex Davis.

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