240/365. We all have those mornings don’t we?  The ones where you just give the “Don’t mess with me” face to whoever is lucky enough to run into you.

241/365. Dave makes the best night time smoothies.  After a long day we love sipping on our “healthy” chocolate smoothies and curling up on the couch together.

242/365. Date night!!!  I love movies and I don’t really get to see them any more.  We went to Skyline and the movies and it was fabulous.

243/365. Cell phone photo of using a cellphone.  We were face timing with someone, but Jonah was distracted by something…weird, cause that doesn’t happen a lot(hahaha).

244/365. Night time antics – this is called the “I forgot my 365 photo”

245/365. Jonah attacking my camera…don’t worry the camera is fine!

246/365. My little snuggle bug.  He doesn’t last long reading books in my lap, but we try and normally get about half way through the book before he either wants down or to go back to the same page over and over…but I don’t care because we are reading and snuggling and it’s all good. 365240 365241 365242 365243 365244 365245 365246247/365.  Aunt Ashley came to visit!  Here we were on factime with Dave’s parents, almost all the family in one room (minus hardworking Uncle Bill).

248/365. Wedding Day!  He makes me laugh all day long 🙂

249/365.  Jonah’s (and our) first soccer game!  There was lots of squirming, and some stealing of his friend Niles’s graham crackers, but it was all in all a fun time!

250/365.  Little monkey man Jonah.

251/365. No words for this photo – just pure awesome.

252/365. Not quite tall enough to peek out…

253/365. About to go out for the day, I love that view.365247 365248 365249 365250 365251 365252 365253254/365. Smokin’ hot husband at a wedding day!

255/365. Shirts and shoes not required.

256/365. Dance party at Ian and Kelly’s.  He loved the Latin station 🙂

257/365. Dave gave him these “toys” and he loved it!!  Toy’s are over rated anyway.

258/365. Rusty and Jonah stretching their legs at a rest stop in the middle of an 8 hour road trip to Virginia!

259/365. Jonah in heaven watching the goats, Nana in heaven watching him.

260/365. Time to work!  The trip was to visit but also to help my parents move themselves and their goats to their new home. 365254 365255 365256 365257 365258 365259 365260

261/365. Jonah and Uncle Derek, these were the last days hanging out in that living room…

262/365. In the middle of a Jonah dance party…which apparently involves everyone taking off their shoes and socks (he made us all do that before we could dance:))

263/365.  This photo pulls on my heartstrings real good.

264/265. Sometimes driving in the car a lot can be tough.  He was a champ though!

265/365. Journeying back home (just realized there is only 101 days left int the year)

266/365. Recovery day.  Jonah was all out of sorts the day after we got back.  I think he missed his family and the goats and just wasn’t used to being home yet. So sleep, lots of sleep and cuddles 🙂

365261 365262 365263 365264 365265 365266

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