296/365. Since this photo, Jonah has gotten a little more daring on the slide, but for the longest time, he wouldn’t ride down with out one of us.  I don’t mind though, it makes for cute photos and I kinda like him being my little babe who needs mama and dada for a little longer!

297/365. Dave scouting locations for a wedding.  I love working with him.

298/365. Jonah has finally started really enjoy story time and books.  He has always loved looking at the photos, but has become more interactive, and he actually asks for books now.

299/365. Turning the couch cushions into a car ramp.  These couch cushions are good for all sorts of fun.

300/365. Some independent play.  I am finding him doing this more and more everyday.  It is amazing to watch him in his own little world.

301/365. Jonah’s daddy is gooooooofffy!! Haha

302/365.  These chickens provide lots of entertainment.

365295 365296 365297 365298 365299 365300 365301303/365. Our living room.  We spend a lot of time here on this big brown couch, Jonah climbing, me sitting, nursing, reading, eating, watching Little Einsteins.

304/265. Jonah entertaining himself during youth group.  Dave helps lead every Sunday and we come and play with the big kids.

305/365. Halloween!!  We pretty much only went to one house…that gray house across the street.  Jonah wanted to pass out candy instead which was pretty darling.

306/365. Playdate!!  This is Niles and he is just one month younger than Jonah.  His mom is also an awesome lady.  We love our “fwends”

307/365. A new game Jonah likes.  He puts his “hat” on and walks around like an adorable little ghost!

308/365. Did a little self timer action to get in a photo with my little man.

309/365. Aunt Ashley came to visit us!!  Jonah was pretty pumped.365302 365303 365304365306 365307 365308 365309310/365.  One of those times where he didn’t want anyone else besides mama.  I feel bad that others can’t calm him sometimes, but it does feel good to be someones person that they need when they are tired and grump or sad or whatever-it really is a huge honor.

311/365. We went on a little hike with Jonah.  We carried him in a backpack for a while, but he wanted down and to explore on his own.  Once we set him down I don’t think he stopped smiling or giggling with glee until we left the woods.  I loved hearing him connect to and love nature that much…I think we are all born with this deep desire to connect to the beautiful creation which we are a part.

312/365. Find pocket of light, hold son, take photo.

313/365. More “hat” wearing.  I love seeing his creative mind develop.

314/365. Another Niles playdate!!  This dude is pretty cool.

315/365.  THIS FACE!!!!365310 365311 365312 365313 365314 365315

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