So Summer is busy.  Lots of playing, shooting, editing, adventuring, not so  much blogging.  So here’s another catch up week.

215/365.  Just tall enough to examine the typewriter.  His curious face totally melts me.

216/265. Mom was on a shoot…ice cream time with Daddy.

217/365. Some post bedtime, adult hang out time!  It was a spur of the moment thing too…the best kind.

218/365. Jonah’s first time coloring…he liked it!

219/365.  Some test shots in the studio.  The boy loves “bubs”

220/365.  Watching a woodworking video with Daddy…I foresee many of these videos in the future.

221/365.  A lovely dinner at a friends home.  There were lots of children – we experienced the whole, adults sit at the table while the kids play thing.  We are total grown ups now.

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221/365. Jonah’s first fort.  It was a little small and my head was the main post, but he loved it!  I can’t wait to build lots more with this guy.

222/365. This little man has stolen my heart.

223/365. He plays with my moles when he nurses…I know it’s a little funny, but it’s a really sweet small thing that I know he won’t remember and will grow out of someday.  But right now, it’s our thing.

224/365. Grandma and Grandpa Lyell are here!!! Jonah was seriously pumped up.

225/365. Wedding day with this hunk.

226/365. Afternoon walk around Westwood.  We walked down our favorite street and pointed to our favorite homes and gardens…can’t beat free entertainment.

227/365. Dinner at Cancun Mexican Restaurant.  I love the old stained glass, Jonah loved the water.

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229/365.  Play date/mama work date with my friend Sam.  We are trying this new thing where we hang out all day and mostly play, but see what work we can get down with each other there.  It’s mostly just lots of talking and playing…which we are all okay with.

230/365. Jonah’s first rain experience.  I now it looks like he was miserable, but he really didn’t want me to move him.  It was a love/hate relationship.

231/365. Just another high chair/good light photo.

232/365. I like reaching down and playing with his downy, fuzzy little hair. I also like being outside in shorts and a t-shirt…winter will come all too soon.

233/365. Findlay market. Picked up some fruit and veggies…and Dave picked up this baby…hehe.

234/365. Little fit, little hands.

235/365. A little work time after Jonah man goes to bed.

236/365.  Jonah and the chickens.  I love the way he says chickens, I don’t think I could even spell it, but it’s just so darn cute.

237/365.  Sometimes we go visit Daddy at his office and these sweet ladies spoil him with love!

238/365. Another play date with Sam!

239/365.  My toddler!!  He just looks so big in this photo.

365229 365230 365231 365232 365233 365234 365235 365236 365237 365238 365239

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