78/365.  The ladies at church gave Jonah a rattle they made from eggs for eggstravaganza at our church.  He LOVED it!

79/365. Naptime at a friends house, you gotta nap when and where ever you can right Jonah?

80/365. We took a trip to Jungle Jims…lots of food, and tea, and things…lots of things.

81/365. It’s springtime!!  I loved finding this little patch of flowers in a park.  I’m glad that Jonah humors me now…I know that won’t last.

82/365. Baby in a box. He discovered it a box and climbed in.

83/365. Lunch with two other mamas.  I liked mom time.

84/365. These flowers stole my heart.  I can’t stop going on walks and standing under them.

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