85/365. Oh Rusty.  This poor dog get’s a little less attention than he used to.  But I still love him and his little adorable fluff face.

86/365. Wedding with the hubby.  We have lots of fun shooting (and sometimes dancing) together.

87/365. I’ve put this photo on Facebook and Instagram, how can I not share it everywhere??  It is my new favorite of Jonah and me…my little goofball.  This is his “raise your arms” trick in our Easter best.

88/365. Walking around Covington taking photos.  We took over Covington’s Instagram for the week so we went exploring and photographing and such.

89/365. Under the biggest, coolest fort he has seen yet…aka, the dining room table.

90/365. Dave made him a pusher and he LOVES it so much.  He runs and giggles and sometimes runs through cool light, when he does that, I take photos.

91/365. This photo was right after we came in from a Indian food adventure (Jonah approved:)).  I didn’t even tell them I was taking it, we walked in and I snapped…I don’t think Dave even knew I did it.  I like that about this image, it is very in the moment.

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