92/365. Jonah playing with his friend and cousin (it’s Dave’s cousin’s baby, whatever that makes him:)).  They had a lot of fun.  Dave said it was really fun for him to see Jonah playing with another baby because he normally doesn’t get to see him when I go places during the day.

93/365. We went to the Butterfly show at Khrons Conservatory.  It was really special.  Enchanted little creatures flitting about as we humans watched and tried to get them to land and pointed and photographed.

94/365. Exploring his world. This baby gate was supposed to be to keep him from going to the stairs, but one of his favorite activities is opening and closing it (still keeps him from the stairs).

95/365. The fold over.  One of Jonah’s newest ways of expressing displeasure…sorry bud, it is kinda funny.

96/365. Bed time beard brushing.

97/365. Meal time = playtime.  And you know what, I don’t mind.  He makes some of the funniest faces while we are at the dinner table.  In my humble opinion, I feel like we are teaching him that the dinner table is a fun happy place.

98/365. The end of the night.  We are normally thoroughly exhausted by the time our heads hit the pillow.

100/365.  I got to meet and be photographed by one of my favorite photographers, Ashley Parsons.  I have admired her work and philosophies for years now, it was pretty much the highlight of my week to just spend the morning with her (and Jonah’s too, as you can see, he liked her quite a bit:))36501 36502 36503 36504 36505 36506 36507 36508

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