Oops!  Skipped a week, gotta double up!

100/365. Book store.  One of my favorite places, it seems to be becoming one of Jonah’s as well!

101/365. We are inside an art museum exhibit at the CAC made just for kids.  Awesome place.

102/365.  This is Dewey, he let’s Jonah give him hugs…super adorable.

103/365. That face!!!

104/365. Jonah’s First Birthday.  Ohmygoodness, I can barely believe he is one.  And at the same time, I do see it.  He is so much bigger, learning so much, and this year flew by, but it also held so many memories (and sleepless nights).  I am excited for this next year.

105/365. Jonah’s last monthly photo.  We took one every month this first year.  This is an outtake of his climbing skills.

106/365. My mom and dad visited and brought two baby goats with them…uh yeah, it was adorable.

107/365. Jonah’s first birthday party was a success!  I love this shot how he still looks so little 🙂

108/365. Jonah got baptised by his daddy.  That was pretty special.  Here he is with a drippy head in Papa Ramsay’s arms 🙂

109/365. Jonah got a zoo pass from his Grandma!  We are so excited to explore.  Here is walking…cause he is walking now, and it is crazy.

110/365. Jonah’s first haircut.  Bye Bye mullet, hello toddler.

111/365. Because he’s my baby, and looks so sweet sleeping.

112/365. Walking. Walking. Walking.  This is all new territory for both of us!

113/365.  The end of a tiring day, mentally and physically.  Jonah has been teething and hasn’t been sleeping great.  After he goes to bed it is nice to have just a couple hours to unwind.356100 356101 356102 356103 356104 356105 356106 356107 356108 356109 356110 356111 356112 356113

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