114/365. A boy and his daddy in the golden light.  We were on our way to the car after a party for Dave’s Aunt and Uncle.  We definitely don’t stay at events as long as we used to.

115/365. We went to the studio for a meeting and afterward played around with the idea of using the space for some mini-sessions.  Jonah will just have to get used to being my test subject for photos.

116/365. The zoo with Grandma!!  Jonah was obsessed with the goats and Kathy just loved watching her little grandson play.

117/365. I forgot a photo for today…sorry!!

118/365. Dave showing Jonah some new wood…this is special wood, or so I’m told:)

119/365. One of my favorite shots so far from this project.  We just went for a walk in the early morning fog and it resulted in some beautiful photos.  Also, the way he is walking makes him look so big…my baby is growing up!!

120/365. We went back to Hudson, Ohio to say goodbye to Dave’s childhood home.  His parents sold their house and are moving to Florida.  I felt privileged to watch the family relive memories in such a special and sacred place.

121/365. Grandma and her grandson and all the doggies.  What a sweet view.

122/365. Back home and reading to a lounging babe.

123/365. He reaches for me like this sometimes.  Although it is sad, it is incredible to know that he has such strong feelings of love and connection to his mama.  I know life will change and he won’t always feel that way.  It’s also probably hard for Dave sometimes, but I know that he is probably going to be his Dad’s side-kick the older he gets.

124/365. The start of our battle with the worst cold ever.  You can just see it all over Dave’s face.

125/365. Dinner at a friends house.  The apartment was so peaceful.  Made me want to declutter and simplify!!

126/365. Another day I forgot…sorry!!

127/365. Jonah loves playing with toys that aren’t actually toys…keys and a box.  It’s funny because he hasn’t really learned to classify things as toys/not toys etc, the whole world is just waiting to be explored.

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