128/365. This guy.  When I was editing this picture I just kinda sat and stared at it.  This is my husband.  The love of my life.  I have known him for 10 years, dated for 8, been married for almost 7.   We have some history behind us, and a lot ahead of us.  I love him.

129/365. Jonah like Aunt Ashley’s bean soup…can you tell?

130/365. My mothers day card “from” Jonah.  I think my heart might have melted a little.

131/365. We are in the phase of throwing all the toys everywhere, but not really being able to pick them all up yet!  So our living room constantly looks like this.  I am learning to embrace it 🙂

132/365. Jonah loves looking out the window.  He sees people come in, waves bye bye when they go.  Lucky for us, we have a pretty door so I can take pretty pictures.

133/365. I went to the zoo with a friend.  It’s getting harder to take photos of him when I am out and about, so no animals, but this one is fun because it is Jonah exploring the big kid toys at the playground.  He is so intrigued by big kid stuff!

134/365. Dinner time. I have to admit, about two seconds after this photo he squirmed and tried standing up.  He has learned that he can resist things like sitting in the high chair.  It makes things a bit more challenging, but I know he is just trying to figure out his world.

135/365. The zoo!  Oh my goodness he loves the zoo.  He looked at this peacock with pure amazement!

136/365. More big kid stuff.  We took him to a playground and off course he loved it…lots of playground days in our future!

137/365.  This guy was not feeling good.  We went to the dr and he never kicked the ear infection that he had 10 days ago.  I hate seeing him so sick.

138/365. Another forgetful day.  Because our poor boy is sick again and it is hard on everyone…pictures fell to the wayside.

139/365. Just hanging out.  Isn’t he cute?

140/365. Grandma and Grandpa Lyell moved from their home in Hudson today!!!  They stopped by our house to unload some things that they are passing down to us.  The light was pretty, and I just liked this summery photo of a huge transition.

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