141/365.  Mama time.  Dave’s parents watched Jonah for the morning while I did a photoshoot and enjoyed a little coffee and pastry without someone clinging to my legs (which is adorable don’t get me wrong, but a little mama time is always nice:))

142/365. Shooting a wedding with this fine dude.  We have fun together, especially when we photograph people as sweet and genuine as the two who were married this day.

143/365. I love the light that comes in the big bay windows in the evening.  I made Dave take this picture because I knew it would just be flooded with light and beauty.  And me snuggling with my boy, that’s the icing on the cake!

144/365. Grandpa and Jonah at the zoo!

145/365. Oh little boy, you are adorable.  The sun, the leaves, that little glance back.  That’ll get to your mama’s heart.

146/365. I just like this photo.  The texture, the way Jonah’s face is out of focus.  Something about it just draws me.

147/365. Sweaty/sleepy hair.  His hair is getting longer and I love running my fingers though it.  He is becoming a little boy right before my eyes.

148/365. Post bathtime.  Running around naked as a blue jay and smiles for days!


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