Dave tells me that I need a new format for my photo captions.  So this week I will try putting them all under the photos.  Big changes here folks!

365149149/365. A quiet moment at a wedding.   I noticed the sun peaking through the trees all golden like.  So pretty.

365150150/365. Our neighbor had a plethora of peonies and we found a jar of them sitting on our porch the evening that we got home from photographing a wedding.  When I got to see them in the light of day the next morning, I was stunned!

365151151/365. Jonah helping me plant some veggies in a little garden patch.

365152152/365. This photo.  I love. Love love love it!  Playing in the water is a new thing this year and we are all loving it!

365153153/365. More water shenanigans.  It seriously gets the biggest giggles from the little boy!

365154154/365. Auntie Ashley brought Jonah a little tent fort from a recent Ikea trip.  He’s in his own little world.

365155155/365. Daddy’s famous muffins!  Dave makes Jonah banana muffins every couple weeks and Jonah LOVES them!!

365156156/365. My grandma watching Jonah.  It has been a hard year for her,  I am happy when we can take Jonah to see her.  He seems to brighten everyones day just a little.

365157157/365. Pretty much a dream day for Jonah.  When we went down to Virginia to see my folks, he got to meet lots of goats, including this teeny tiny, less-than-a-week-old baby!

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158/365.Hanging out with Uncle Derek.  Derek is an engineer, so this photo only seemed fitting 🙂

365159159/365. On our way back to Cincinnati we stopped at Ashley and Billy’s new house in Marietta.  I am seriously sad to see them go, but really excited for this next step in their journey of life together.  Jonah will sure miss them!

365160160/365. Dave in his happy place.  He was working on a Photo Booth for our business.  Yep, he’s a pretty awesome dude.

365161161/365.  Water. Endlessly fascinating.

365162162/365. Oh you know, just a fun game of shove the spoon in Daddy’s mouth!

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