Yep. You can tell it is busy season because I haven’t put my 365 up in 3 weeks! And my captions might be quite short this week. I am going to split them up by week.

163/365. A Jonah sized tree.

164/365. Soulful, beautiful eyes.

165/365. Catch the bubbles!

166/365. Don’t leave Mama!!!

167/365. Summer rain storms = cute photos and good memories.

168/365. A new thing Jonah does when I wake him up from a nap, just stays in his crib for a second, not ready to face the world quite yet.

169/365. We had some dear friends over, Jonah is watching the big people do big people things.365163 365164 365165 365166 365167 365168 365169

170/365. Getting ready for a wedding, don’t leave Mama!

171/365. Daddy wasn’t feeling good today 🙁 Jonah and I went on an adventure so he could rest.

172/365. Rooted Juicery.  Mama tried to give the babe Beet Juice, he didn’t like it.  But he did like playing with the big kids.

173/365. Oh Daddy, I like climbing on you.

174/365. #thatfacewillalwaysmakemyheartmelt

175/365. Just checking out the sun shower.

176/365. Another nap shot, cause he is just so cute when he wakes.365170 365171 365172 365173 365174 365175 365176

177/365. Drum time!

178/365. Sleep hubby.  We are pretty sleepy these days…sleepy but happy.

179/365. Anniversary date at Mitas.  It was aaaahhhmmmaaazing.

180/365. Jonah’s adventure chariot.

181/365. We met up with a friend for coffee and found this amazing play center nearby.  Jonah thought that other baby was so funny!

182/365. Playdates are the best.   365177 365178 365179 365180 365181 365182

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