<29/365> My two guys.  The light was gold and I liked watching them goof off in the light.  Out comes my camera.

<30/365> A walk with my friend Kelly.  The winter gives me blues and as I talked with this insightful friend she offered to go on a walk with me.  She’s a good one.

<31/365> Another beautiful day, another walk.  Rusty will never get tired of walks.  They’re like ice cream on a hot summer day or a trip to the beach, pretty much the best thing ever.

<32/365> He was on my hip.  He is on my hip a lot.  I just held the camera out and took a photo. He looked into the big black lens with curiosity.

<33/365> A messy dining room table, but looking at my boy with love.

<34/365> Cruisin’. Just cruisin’, all day everyday.

<35/365> A group of our friends come over every week for dinner and God talk.  It is really good, really encouraging, and usually there is laughter…it’s a good group.

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