36/365. This image makes me smile to think about the years ahead that Dave will be there for Jonah. Letting him learn and explore, but right there behind him whenever he needs him.

37/365.  Another image that will be a treasure as Dave teaches his little boy all about putting things together.  Dave loves building things, and I know he wants to share that love with Jonah someday.  Perhaps Jonah will have that love too…only time will tell.

38/365.  Our version of watching the Superbowl.  We don’t have a TV in our living room anymore.  It didn’t seem very SUPER, but that’s okay because I only found out who was playing a couple days before:)

39/356.  Night time routine.  By this time in our night, Jonah has been asleep for a couple hours.  Those hours where it is just Dave and I are special.  I love that our days are filled with our little boy, but I also love this alone time with my husband.

40/365. My heart.  The little man wasn’t feeling good.  Mama cuddles to the rescue.  I can just feel his little whispy hair against my face.

41/365. Ash Wednesday service.

42/365. One thing we are learning, it’s tiring being a parent 🙂365_week6small-1 365_week6small-2 365_week6small-3 365_week6small-4 365_week6small-5 365_week6small-6 365_week6small-7

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