43/365. Blocks.

44/365. Aunt Ashley and Uncle Billy came over.  We cooked couscous and played in the light.

45/365. Valentines day snow storm.  It’s funny to write about this today because it is 60 degrees outside now.  But on Sunday it was cold and snowy.  I like how cold it looks outside while we played inside warm and cozy.

46/365. Jonah loves trying look out windows now.  He is just so eager to see what is happening all around him. Also the coffee stain on the radiator…cause real life happens.

47/365. I lead a girls small group in my house every other week.  It has kind of turned into Jonah time though…I’m kind of okay with that.

48/365. “What?”  Jonah’s new expression, he copies us and it is just too adorable.

49/365. Jonah made another baby.  They played while his and his new friend’s mommy trimmed my bangs.

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