50/365.  We went out to din din.  I didn’t take any other photos this day….but this profile photo of my two main guys’ is pretty cute.

51/365. Two Jonah’s.  Can’t handle the cuteness, probably couldn’t handle the work either!! Haha, mama’s of twins, you are amazing.

52/365. Exploring Mama’s face.

53/365. A nice day, winter is beginning to thaw a bit.  (hilarious side note: This swing broke 1 min after this photo was taken…with us on it…Jonah was fine, so was I, so it was funny:))

54/365. Dave has cooked a lot recently, which is amazing.  He loves me through his servant-heart BIG time.  It’s kind of crazy the ways he serves Jonah and I.  And he also has been having a lot of fun cooking, which is also good. My guy (<3 hearts for days)

55/365. Getting in to trouble…I mean cabinets (these cabinets have since been baby-proofed)

56/365. Staring out the window, at the chickens.  This is one of his new favorite past times.  It’s pretty adorable right??

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