Last year I did a photo project where I took a photo *almost* every day of the year.  It was such a good project for me, and I love the photos and the memories that were captured.  It forced me to think about my life and the abundant beauty in the everyday.  This little family of mine is where my heart is, David, Jonah, and the adventures we have are being etched into my brain each and every day, and to have photos of some of these times is a true gift.   It also helped me as a photographer to keep looking, to keep shooting.

So. I didn’t want to stop, but I also didn’t really want to have to remember to take a photo EVERY day.  So I have a new idea.  The first day of every month I am going to document the whole day, from beginning to end, and blog it here.  Pretty simple really.  This first month was already fun, I enjoyed toting my camera around, constantly hunting for moments and beauty.


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