Why hello there.  I see you have come to see my little world for a moment.  It’s nothing grand or extravagant, I don’t do anything in my days that is just simply fascinating–or do I?  Come to think of it, maybe I do, maybe we all do.

Isn’t life grand and extravagant and simply fascinating? YES! I am trying to cultivate eyes to see that.  Often I am distracted, I’m tired, I’m looking at a blue screen for comfort or escape – and it kills me that I do that.  I have committed to trying to really see that beauty at least one day month, to be a scavenger of moments.   I want to seek and find the moments in my days that are dripping with love and beauty.  I want to stop them in their tracks, so that I can stare face-to-face with the glorious embodied souls inside that little rectangle.

The following images are just one day in our lives (images by David, me, and even a couple by Jonah).  The events in them are ordinary, yet extraordinary.  The boy and the man that I love are in these images, and meandering through them all I see the One that gave me these sweet treasures.mayday001 mayday002 mayday003 mayday004 mayday005 mayday006 mayday007 mayday008 mayday009 mayday010 mayday011 mayday012 mayday013 mayday014 mayday015 mayday016 mayday017 mayday018 mayday019 mayday020 mayday021 mayday022 mayday023 mayday024 mayday025 mayday026 mayday027 mayday028 mayday029 mayday030 mayday031 mayday032 mayday033 mayday034 mayday035 mayday036 mayday037mayday038 mayday039 mayday040 mayday041 mayday042 mayday043 mayday044 mayday045 mayday046 mayday048 mayday049

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