I remember at the engagement photos for Allison and Matt being struck by their sweet nature and the ease and humor they had with one another.  Their relationship seemed tested and tried and strong.  I was honored and thrilled at the chance to see them again and witness their beautiful love on their wedding day.  And what a beautiful day it was.  Families were full of support and love, hearts brimming with pride and joy, and eyes brimming with tears (I especially identified with Matt’s mother as I begin to think about the day in the distant future when I watch my little boy get married).  Two souls joined as they said their vows and made promises that will stick with them through good times and bad.  We wandered around the city taking photos and finally ended up at an amazing reception.  The decorations were gorgeous, but as per usual, paled in comparison to the beauty that surrounded them as all their family and friends celebrated such an amazing day.  Thank you Allison and Matt for allowing us the honor of documenting this incredible day!

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