I got an email from Christian a few month ago, read it, and instantly hoped they would hire me to document their wedding.

I actually had met Amanda a few years ago at a random network-y type event and would randomly see updates about her life through social media.  I knew she was a sweet and genuine person with a good work ethic and beautiful voice.  So that was already one reason I hoped I would get to document their big day.

The other reason is that they were getting married during a regular Sunday church service at the church where Amanda was a member and sung many weeks of the year.  I loved the idea of something different and meaningful.  There was a whole different vibe to the day, from getting there when it was still dark for getting ready photos, to seeing people and wondering if they knew the bride and groom or if they walked in to church and had a fun surprise, to the reception after where everyone who attended church that morning was invited, whether they knew the bride and groom or not.  They had such a sweet day, filled with beautiful moments and lots of love.  I was blessed to be able to join them and their church as they witnessed these two become husband and wife.

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