I so enjoyed documenting this sweet couples wedding.  I have started asking my couples questions after their wedding day.  Reading their questions has been one of my favorite things, and I feel like they can tell the story better than I can!  Enjoy this beautiful wedding story filled with so much love, tears, laughter and sweetness.

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“Moment #1 that stands out to me is when the doors to the church opened and I saw angie for the first time.”


I remember feeling so overcome with happiness that I couldn’t stop crying for the majority of my walk down the aisle, and the second I got close enough to Josh that I could relax and let out a laugh/smile

angieandjosh022 angieandjosh023 angieandjosh024 angieandjosh025 angieandjosh026 angieandjosh028

Something from your wedding day you never want to forget: “sitting together on the alter, smiling and giggling and indescribably happy “

angieandjosh029 angieandjosh030 angieandjosh031 angieandjosh032 angieandjosh033

“I think the way I felt the entire day. Absolutely no stress, pure happiness throughout the day. Also, the way I felt towards Angie during the day of the wedding is a feeling I would like to hold on to and replicate each and everyday throughout our marriage.”

angieandjosh034 angieandjosh035 angieandjosh036 angieandjosh037 angieandjosh038 angieandjosh039 angieandjosh040 angieandjosh041 angieandjosh042 angieandjosh043 angieandjosh044 angieandjosh045 angieandjosh046 angieandjosh047 angieandjosh048 angieandjosh049 angieandjosh050 angieandjosh051 angieandjosh052 angieandjosh053 angieandjosh054 angieandjosh055 angieandjosh056 angieandjosh057

“I remember kissing each other at the end of our first dance, we had so much fun twirling around in front of all our loved ones.”

angieandjosh058 angieandjosh059 angieandjosh060 angieandjosh061

Were there any laugh out loud moments?  “The second we heard our groomsman grab the microphone and belt out a ballad while the rest of his groomsmen posed as his body guards.”

angieandjosh062 angieandjosh063 angieandjosh064 angieandjosh065 angieandjosh066 angieandjosh067 angieandjosh068 angieandjosh069

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diane clauda
October 21, 2017
Thanks Stephanie for the spectacular photos you have taken. The hard job now is to select ones favorite. You captured the many emotions that took place on this day, and now many treasured memories.