I have done a couple weddings and shoots for old friends from high school.  It is so interesting to see people years later after lives change and grow.  I didn’t know Ashley or Mike in school, but Dave did, he went to school with Ashley and her twin brother, Matt.  This is really the first shoot we have done for one of his friends.  Dave’s family was friends with Ashley’s family in Hudson.  It was neat to be there with Dave, watching him talking, shooting, and reminiscing about high school.  I love how life carries us on all these paths and we just kind of are along for the ride.  One day your in high school going to class, reading and doing homework, and the next you are walking down the aisle to your soon to be husband, or your taking photos of that person walking down the aisle as a wedding photographer.  Life is so wonderful and random.

We are so happy for Ashley and Mike.  They are so sweet and so in love.  From what I can tell, they have a quiet love.  Not necessarily flashy or showy, but deep, sweet, and abiding, rooted in the Greatest love of all.  They were surrounded by a beautiful menagerie of family and friends that were so supportive with hearts so full.  What a lovely day it was!  Thank you Mike and Ashley for allowing us in on your special day!

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