This wedding has to be one of the most special weddings that Dave and I have ever shot. Why?  Audrey was in the youth group that we led during college (the time that we were figuring out our callings to both photography and ministry), AND Audrey’s Dad was one of the Pastors at the church that was hugely influential in both of our lives, AND he married Dave and I in Virginia one beautiful June day 6.5 years ago.

All that and so much more made this wedding rich with meaning.  I mean, dripping, saturated, can’t hold it all in meaning and goodness.  Watching Jim and Amy (Audrey’s Dad and Mom) dance while giving each other googly eyes, and listening to Meghan and Kelsey (Audrey’s sisters-also in our youth group) speak about their sister who they love and adore, or watching Joe’s face as he saw a beautiful Audrey for the first time in the church courtyard, and then again as she glided down the aisle to her groom, moments like this kept stopping me in my tracks.  I would stop and picture Audrey and her sister’s in their living room with the youth group discussing things like God and homework, and hearing them giggle about guys, or Chuck or whatever.

It is a true honor to be able to have witnessed Audrey both at that age and now getting married and beginning her new life with her husband.  I could go on and on and say how amazing it was, how I love this family, and how happy I am for all of them…but that could take a while.  So take a peek at photos that made me all warm and fuzzy.

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