August.  It’s full blown summer.  I always reach for shorts and a tank and sometimes stare longingly at my sweaters jeans in the closet.  Soon I will bundle up and wrap my hands around a warm cup of something, but that means Winter will be coming, so I try not to rush it.  I try to enjoy the still green trees and how water feels refreshing and amazing when it hits your skin.  I try to remember the sounds of children in the splash pads as Jonah and I play – he gleeful as the water splashes and surprises him, and me warm, soaking vitamin D and happy to be with him.  As I write this I see a menagerie of green outside of our window, our little air conditioning window unit is working to cool me off and I am sipping an iced coffee – things I will long for 6 months from now.  So I enjoy it.  The seasons.  I think there could be something deeper there…but I’m just a little too hot to explore it 😉

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