This newborn session is special because the beautiful mama in these photos is Dave’s cousin Sarah.  She and Matt are wonderful people, and we are so lucky to live close to them.  What was really fun about this session was that Sarah and I have been pregnant for the better part of the year together!  Seeing Jackson for the first time was so neat for Dave and I because it reminded us that at the end of this journey we will get to meet our sweet little boy!

Jackson is so precious and so little.  I just loved seeing him and looking at his tiny fingers and toes, and I loved watching Matt and Sarah jump into this role of Dad and Mom.  They are doing amazing!

jackson_newborn001 jackson_newborn002 jackson_newborn003 jackson_newborn004 jackson_newborn005 jackson_newborn006 jackson_newborn007 jackson_newborn008 jackson_newborn009 jackson_newborn010 jackson_newborn011 jackson_newborn012 jackson_newborn013 jackson_newborn014 jackson_newborn015 jackson_newborn016 jackson_newborn017

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