I remember being little, so little that looking up at my parents they seemed like giants.  Giants that loved me.  They were so big, they had all the answers (and all the good things like food and treats).  And now, it is hard to believe that I am that big person, that giant that can make my little boy feel better.  That big, tall mama whose arms hold the best hugs.  I now know the feeling of being the little one and the big one.  And that is what I feel when I look at this photo taken by an amazing photographer, and now friend, Ashley Parsons.


Yes, it is a cute photo, but oh, is it so much more.  This photo contains a feeling.  It is the feeling of being a little, it is the feeling of being a mama, all wrapped up in a little rectangle.  Ashley took so many more treasured photos that I will share after I am done sharing words with you.

I am always thinking about photography, and my role as a photographer for both my clients and my family.  And often times a simple question pops into my head, WHY?  Why is this job important? Is it just a job, or is it more than that?  It is easy to fall into the trap as a photographer (and as the person behind the camera) that photography exists to make things look pretty and put our best foot out in the world.  And while I think that pretty pictures are nice, there is something that I long for even more than that.  I long for beautiful photos.  And yes, I do think there is a difference.

Beautiful photos tell the truth.  Beautiful photos point to something bigger and grander that is sometimes even messy.  Beautiful photos make us feel something.  And sometimes, beautiful photos might not be pretty photos.  I want the photographs that I take of my clients and of my family to mean something and to be true.  We don’t walk around all day smiling and looking into the sunset.  Sometimes we are tired, sometimes we watch our babies play and our hearts well with pride, sometimes we get stressed when it is our wedding day and there are a million people around and all you want to do is be with the one that makes our heart still, sometimes there are quiet moments that go un-noticed, and sometimes there are big, loud, crazy, muddy-kneed moments where nothing looks curated and perfect. But you know deep in your heart that is EXACTLY what makes it perfect!  Do you know what I mean??  Does this make sense?  The longer I am in this business, the more I feel this in my bones.  So please, let me see you, let me see the beauty in your world and photograph it and hand it back to you as a gift from me to you.

Here are a few photos treasured photos that Ashley Parsons gifted me. These photos are a little time capsule of an average morning in my life right now.  A morning where a toddler toddles and a mama watches.  A morning of sippy cups and daddy visits and little day time adventures.  Years from now, photos like these will make me feel something.  I might be looking up at a tall son and remember the days that he looked up to me with those big hazel eyes.

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