New places are always exciting to shoot.  New places that are nestled in the woods with a cozy courtyard for dinner and dancing, those are even better, pretty much my favorite.  Dave and I were married at my parents house which is cozily nestled in the woods.  Being surrounded by trees has always made me feel at home, comfortable and happy.  So driving up to Pyramid Sculpture park and winding our car around the curves of the road going deeper into the woods until we stopped at a courtyard hugged by a beautiful green canopy made us pretty happy.

But enough about the setting.  The reason that these photos were made were Becky and Dustin.  These two pledged their lives together in front of family and friends and a sacred bond was made.  With out them, it would have been just a pretty setting, with them, it became holy ground.  They had such a quiet and a sweet love.  They did the first look and then just spent time with each other.  We didn’t do a whole lot of posed photos after the first look, and I loved that…it wasn’t about the photos, it was about the love.  Even though I am a photographer, I love when a couple doesn’t stress or even obsess about the photos, when they focus on the love, and I can focus on documenting that.  And that is just what I did.

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