Engagment sessions.  I remember ours.  It was with a friend and amazing photographer, Matt Eich.  We drove to one of our favorite spots in Athens, a lake in the woods, Strouds Run.  We walked around with Matt and snapped photos in the golden light.  We actually even got in the lake with all our clothes on cause we are weird like that! Perhaps someday I will do a post with those photos and/or our wedding photos.  But that is not what this post is about.

What I wanted to share this time is not the photos, but the feelings I felt.  The feeling of being on the edge of something great.  The feeling that your love with this person is beautiful enough to be documented.  I was so happy and so thankful to God and so excited for the journey that awaited us.  I hope that I can help facilitate those moments and feelings for my couples.  I hope that I can capture on film, moments when their hearts were feeling something like that. engagementbestof0001b engagementbestof0002 engagementbestof0003 engagementbestof0004 storyboard007engagementbestof0006 engagementbestof0008 engagementbestof0009 engagementbestof0010 engagementbestof0011 engagementbestof0012storyboard002 storyboard001 engagementbestof0014 engagementbestof0015 engagementbestof0016 engagementbestof0017 engagementbestof0018 engagementbestof0019 engagementbestof0020 engagementbestof0021 engagementbestof0022 engagementbestof0023 engagementbestof0024 engagementbestof0026 engagementbestof0029 engagementbestof0030 engagementbestof0031 engagementbestof0032 engagementbestof0033 engagementbestof0034

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February 6, 2014
Always love looking through your images. Such incredible work girl!!! :)