It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already 2 months in the past.  2015 is going to be BIG year for us, we are going to be welcoming our first son into the world in April, and I know our worlds will never ever be the same!  But this post is about the year that just was, 2014.  It was a year full of growth, fun, traveling, and love, and all sorts of good things.  I was also blessed in 2014 by many wonderful clients who allowed me to document their lives.  Whether it was a normal day spent with family, a wedding day where two become one,  first moments at home with the newborn babies, or many other times and places, I was blessed to witness these things with my camera, my eyes, and my soul.

The photos below represent some of my favorite images from times spent with sweet and wonderful families in 2014.familyfavsblog001 familyfavsblog002 familyfavsblog003 familyfavsblog004 familyfavsblog005 familyfavsblog006 familyfavsblog007 familyfavsblog008 familyfavsblog009 familyfavsblog010 familyfavsblog011 familyfavsblog012 familyfavsblog013 familyfavsblog014 familyfavsblog015 familyfavsblog016 familyfavsblog018 familyfavsblog019 familyfavsblog020 familyfavsblog021 familyfavsblog022 familyfavsblog023 familyfavsblog024 familyfavsblog025 familyfavsblog026 familyfavsblog027 familyfavsblog028 familyfavsblog029 familyfavsblog030 familyfavsblog031 familyfavsblog032 familyfavsblog034 familyfavsblog035 familyfavsblog036 familyfavsblog037 familyfavsblog038 familyfavsblog039 familyfavsblog040 familyfavsblog041 familyfavsblog042 familyfavsblog043 familyfavsblog044 familyfavsblog045 familyfavsblog046

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February 14, 2015
Always so beautiful and so inspiring...xoxo