Brock and Ashley | Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum Wedding

Dave and I had so much fun with these two wonderful souls and their family and friends. Everything about the day felt so real if that makes sense.  There was no pretense, nothing fake, just two people in love celebrating that love with those that are closest to their hearts.  The vows were particularly moving, they spoke them with such intention – the love they had couldn’t help but spill over into tears and laughter.  We were definitely blessed by this beautiful day.

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“I was surprised by how emotionally overwhelmed I would be! I am usually a very composed person, but I was on an emotional roller-coaster all day.” – Ashley

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“Seeing Brock after getting dressed and ready for the day. I was soooo nervous and I had no clue why. Then the moment we did our ‘first look’ I was so relieved. I knew I could conquer the rest of the day and my nerves with him by my side.” – Ashley

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“The moment that stands out for me is definitely the moment when I first saw her in the park for pictures.” – Brock

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“The ceremony itself. I always thought I just wanted a big party with lots of fun, thinking the ceremony would be no big deal. Once we started planning, we knew we wanted something kind and meaningful. I was so happy with the ceremony, it was sweet and thoughtful, exactly what I wanted.” – Ashley

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“The reading of the vows was something I’ll remember forever for sure” – Brock

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“The moment that we came down the aisle after the ceremony and just the wave of relief we both felt, like hey we finally did this after all this preparation and it went amazing. We were just smiling and holding hands and it was nice.” – Ashley

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“I was surprised How fast it went, for being such a long process and day it was over before I knew it.” – Brock

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“It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the small details. Do what you want and what makes you happy! Savor every moment of your wedding day because it goes in a flash!”

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“Really enjoy it while it’s happening its over before you know it.”

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