Brooke and Drew were so fun to take photos of.  They were awesome cuddlers and so obviously in love that it made my job pretty easy.  I loved the little tepee that they brought that they will use in their wedding…which will be very soon actually!  These two lovebirds will be husband and wife by the end of next weekend.  I can’t wait to see them and get to witness their special day.  See you two soon!

brookanddrew002 brookanddrew003 brookanddrew004 brookanddrew005 brookanddrew006 brookanddrew007 brookanddrew008 brookanddrew009 brookanddrew012 brookanddrew013 brookanddrew015 brookanddrew016 brookanddrew017 brookanddrew018 brookanddrew019 brookanddrew020 brookanddrew021 brookanddrew022 brookanddrew023 brookanddrew024 brookanddrew025 brookanddrew026 brookanddrew027 brookanddrew028 brookanddrew029 brookanddrew030 brookanddrew032 brookanddrew033 brookanddrew034 brookanddrew035 brookanddrew036 brookanddrew037

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Penny "mom" Janson
August 23, 2014
very nice work! can't wait to see you at the wedding!