Cait and Jared | Cincinnati Engagement Photography

I always find it quite sweet to spend an evening with two people who are in love with the sole purpose of documenting that love.  It’s really kind of a funny thing that I get to do.  We go out to a pretty spot, traipse around, and focus on the love between two individuals.  You don’t really get to do something like that very often.  Our world is pretty busy, things to do, checklists to cross, jobs to work, social media to check; how often to we stop all of that and just be.   I would guess if you are like me, the answer is probably not very often.  I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy photo sessions (family, engagement etc.), it’s a time apart from everyday life to celebrate what is good.  With that I will leave you with a glimpse of the celebration of the love between Cait and Jared.

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