Cait and Jared | Cincinnati Wedding at The Marmalade Lily

I pulled up to The Marmalade Lily and did a little happy dance.  The weather was perfect, there were beautiful flowers everywhere, and I walked up to where the girls were getting ready and joy and love filled the air.  This would be a good day.

And it was.  There were so many moments that just felt so…good, rich, dripping with beauty.  What an honor to be able to document the wedding day of these two special souls.

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“Arriving at the venue felt so comfortable. It was the perfect day and it was our day and it just felt right.” – Jared

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“I never want to forget that moment of seeing Cait walk down the aisle. Time just stopped and I was in awe. And accompanying her with our friends playing music, that just made the ceremony so special.” – Jared


“And Jared just looked so dapper in his suit. I will never forget locking eyes with him when I turned to walk down the aisle.” – Cait

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“Although I knew it was coming, when our friend Will, who officiated our ceremony, broke into song it just ignited my emotions. I think it definitely surprised everyone in attendance as well.” – Jared

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“Our vows were incredibly special. We’d thought about saying the same thing to each other, but our officiant encouraged us to write our own. He was not wrong. I will never forget how Jared started his, so eloquently referencing beer, which has always been a shared passion of ours (and something he took from hobby to career in our first few years together). ‘Brewing is all about the senses, and you delight all of my senses.’ “- Cait

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“The whole day was just pure magic, including the weather. A month later, we’re still remembering all the moments that delighted us.” – Cait

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“I was genuinely surprised by how stress-free I felt, due to the tireless work of so many people who helped handle every last detail so we could bliss all day long.” – Cait

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“Go with the flow. We ran into our fair share of snags. Our original catering plan fell through. Our invitations got lost in the mail. But when the day came, none of that mattered, and those aren’t the things I’ll remember forever, if at all. The caterer we ended up going with, the Delish Dish, was truly meant to be. Mavis and her team knocked it out of the park (that charcuterie board!).” – Cait

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“That feeling of floating on a cloud of unconditional love. We were together for nine years before we got married, so we’ve been nurturing our relationships with friends and family for many moons. There are no words to convey the pure bliss we felt having so many of them there to witness us committing our forevers to one another.” – Cait

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“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let people take over for you, especially the day of, so you can just be present. You don’t want to remember stressing out the whole day. You want to remember feeling madly in love with your new spouse and all the people around you. ” – Cait

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