It was back to Wilmore for this lovely shoot.  Caitlin and Brian currently attend Asbury Seminary, the place where they met and fell in love.  It’s fun to think about all the love that has come in and out of that little town.  People meeting there, people moving right after their weddings (like us), people starting beautiful families, or people making friends that they will know and love for the rest of their lives-it’s a special place.  Unfortunately for us our time at Asbury never overlapped with Caitlin and Brian, but we are blessed with getting to know them a bit through their engagement and wedding photos.  They were so much fun to spend time with and were obviously smitten with each other.  See you two love birds on your beautiful wedding day!caitlinandbrianblog0001 caitlinandbrianblog0002 caitlinandbrianblog0003 caitlinandbrianblog0004 caitlinandbrianblog0005 caitlinandbrianblog0006 caitlinandbrianblog0007 caitlinandbrianblog0008 caitlinandbrianblog0009 caitlinandbrianblog0010 caitlinandbrianblog0011 caitlinandbrianblog0012 caitlinandbrianblog0013 caitlinandbrianblog0014 caitlinandbrianblog0015 caitlinandbrianblog0016 caitlinandbrianblog0017 caitlinandbrianblog0018 caitlinandbrianblog0019 caitlinandbrianblog0020 caitlinandbrianblog0021 caitlinandbrianblog0022 caitlinandbrianblog0023 caitlinandbrianblog0024 caitlinandbrianblog0025 caitlinandbrianblog0026 caitlinandbrianblog0027 caitlinandbrianblog0028  caitlinandbrianblog0030caitlinandbrianblog0031 caitlinandbrianblog0032 caitlinandbrianblog0033 caitlinandbrianblog0034 caitlinandbrianblog0035 caitlinandbrianblog0036 caitlinandbrianblog0037 caitlinandbrianblog0038 caitlinandbrianblog0039 caitlinandbrianblog0040 caitlinandbrianblog0041

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