Best of 2018

I always enjoy putting these blogs together. A time to reflect, look back. People allow us into their lives. It’s beautiful. I am reminded of that every year as I sort through thousands of images. Here are some of the gems, the best of the bunch that spoke to me. Spoke to me of humanity and beauty and love and truth. Thanks for looking.

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Leigh and Andy

We did just that, we walked, we snapped photos, we laughed, we talked.  Andy and Leigh just moved from Wilmore, Kentucky to the next stage in their journey together as husband and wife.  And just before they moved, they came up to Cincinnati for a shoot.  We knew Andy and Leigh from when we lived in Kentucky, in fact, Dave worked with Andy.  They are good people and good company.  I like them and think they are very sweet.andyandleigh001 andyandleigh002 andyandleigh003 andyandleigh004 andyandleigh005 andyandleigh006 andyandleigh007 andyandleigh008 andyandleigh009 andyandleigh010 andyandleigh011 andyandleigh012 andyandleigh013 andyandleigh014 andyandleigh015 andyandleigh016 andyandleigh017 andyandleigh018.

Kyle and Leigh Anna

These two people are some of my favorite people in the entire world.  They are beautiful beautiful people.  Many a night has been spent laughing at silly boy antics, playing games, talking about our faith over rich coffee, crying, listening, and more laughing, lots and lots of laughing.  Words seem silly when describing people so close to your heart.  Photos do a better job at showing who they are to you.  These are two of my best friends who have been married 4 years.  The decided to get back in wedding attire and traipse around the hills of Kentucky with a photographer friend and a guitar.  Here are some photos. mullettsbackindressblog0002 mullettsbackindressblog0001 mullettsbackindressblog0003 mullettsbackindressblog0004 mullettsbackindressblog0005 mullettsbackindressblog0006 mullettsbackindressblog0008 mullettsbackindressblog0007 mullettsbackindressblog0010 mullettsbackindressblog0009 mullettsbackindressblog0011 mullettsbackindressblog0012 mullettsbackindressblog0013 mullettsbackindressblog0014 mullettsbackindressblog0015 mullettsbackindressblog0016 mullettsbackindressblog0017 mullettsbackindressblog0018 mullettsbackindressblog0019 mullettsbackindressblog0020 mullettsbackindressblog0021 mullettsbackindressblog0022 mullettsbackindressblog0023 mullettsbackindressblog0024 mullettsbackindressblog0025 mullettsbackindressblog0026 mullettsbackindressblog0027 mullettsbackindressblog0028 mullettsbackindressblog0029 mullettsbackindressblog0030 mullettsbackindressblog0031 mullettsbackindressblog0032 mullettsbackindressblog0033 mullettsbackindressblog0034 mullettsbackindressblog0035 mullettsbackindressblog0036 mullettsbackindressblog0037 mullettsbackindressblog0038 mullettsbackindressblog0039 mullettsbackindressblog0040 mullettsbackindressblog0041 mullettsbackindressblog0042 mullettsbackindressblog0043 mullettsbackindressblog0044 mullettsbackindressblog0045 mullettsbackindressblog0046 mullettsbackindressblog0047 mullettsbackindressblog0048 mullettsbackindressblog0049 mullettsbackindressblog0050 mullettsbackindressblog0051 mullettsbackindressblog0052 mullettsbackindressblog0053 mullettsbackindressblog0054 mullettsbackindressblog0055 mullettsbackindressblog0056A sweet video of how amazing they are together (if you played the music at the top you might have to scroll back up to stop it).

MVI 9422 from Stephanie Lyell on Vimeo.

Liz and Aaron | Full Post

So things have finally slowed down a bit around here!  I think I can finally begin to post semi-regularly!  And this is a good one to start with.  This girl and her husband.  They are special to us.  Liz has a heart of gold and cracks me up all the time,  Aaron is her steady rock, such a hard worker, and a pretty funny guy himself.   Also, they should probably get honorary titles at Stephanie Lyell Photography because they watched Rusty for us practically every weekend that we had weddings while we were in Wilmore.  We also played a lot of games with them, and at a lot of food together (usually Liz’s food:)) I just love them a lot.  And they love each other a lot.  Love all around, it works out well! Press play to listen to tunes while viewing photos. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=92b85e&auto_play=false&player_type=tiny” width=” 100%” height=”18″ iframe=”false” /]lizandaaronblog0002 lizandaaronblog0003 lizandaaronblog0004 lizandaaronblog0005 lizandaaronblog0001 lizandaaronblog0006 lizandaaronblog0007 lizandaaronblog0008 lizandaaronblog0009 lizandaaronblog0010 lizandaaronblog0011 lizandaaronblog0012 lizandaaronblog0013 lizandaaronblog0014 lizandaaronblog0015 lizandaaronblog0016 lizandaaronblog0017 lizandaaronblog0018 lizandaaronblog0019 lizandaaronblog0020 lizandaaronblog0021 lizandaaronblog0022 lizandaaronblog0023 lizandaaronblog0024 lizandaaronblog0025 lizandaaronblog0026 lizandaaronblog0027 lizandaaronblog0028 lizandaaronblog0029 lizandaaronblog0030 lizandaaronblog0031 lizandaaronblog0032 lizandaaronblog0033 lizandaaronblog0034 lizandaaronblog0035 lizandaaronblog0036 lizandaaronblog0037 lizandaaronblog0038 lizandaaronblog0039 lizandaaronblog0040 lizandaaronblog0041 lizandaaronblog0042 lizandaaronblog0043 lizandaaronblog0044 lizandaaronblog0045 lizandaaronblog0046 lizandaaronblog0047 lizandaaronblog0048 lizandaaronblog0049 lizandaaronblog0050

What I’ve Been Up To

I have been a little absent from blogging for the last several weeks.  I have an excuse I promise!  Just head over to our personal blog to hear more about that.  For a shortened version, basically we just moved and Dave had a case of appendicitis which resulted in a night in the hospital and a little hiatus from blogging.  I still did lots of work, but something had to give, so I decided to not blog all of the images.  So instead of trying to play catch up and do lots of little posts, I am just going to do a post of some of my favorites from this last month.  I actually think this is a fun way to do it for a change, because it is really showing off a lot of the favorite images and made me go back and pick those lasting images, kind of like when I do my year “best of’s”.  I had fun with it, I hope you enjoy looking at some of the creative endeavors of  my last couple months.blog0001 blog0002 blog0003 blog0004 blog0005 blog0006 blog0007 blog0008 blog0009 blog0010 blog0011 blog0012 blog0013 blog0014 blog0015 blog0016 blog0017 blog0018 blog0019 blog0020 blog0021 blog0022 blog0023 blog0024 blog0025 blog0026 blog0027 blog0028

Rhonda and Ben | Full Post

Rhonda and Ben.  Two beautiful souls.  Sitting here thinking about Rhonda just makes my heart well up with warmth.  I met Rhonda my first year here in Wilmore when both of our husbands were just starting off at the Seminary.  We went on breakfast dates and talked about the future and one specific memory I have is randomly happening upon bluegrass music at the Kentucky Fudge Company in Harrodsburg.  She was a part of the infamous book club and is just a good friend of mine.  There is so much that I love about her.  She is one of the most genuine people you will meet and has so much empathy and love for other people…she feels with people.  Getting to know her and live life with her over the past 4 years has showed me that.  And her husband Ben, he is also an amazing, and gentle, and kind person.  Now these two are are in Alaska (they just got there a few days ago after a 2 week long journey) where they will be ministering and a part of a church up there and Dave and I are moving to Cincinnati.  Life is changing for both of us, but I am so blessed to have had our paths cross with theirs for the last 4 years.  benandrhondablog0001 benandrhondablog0002 benandrhondablog0003 benandrhondablog0004 benandrhondablog0005 benandrhondablog0006 benandrhondablog0007 benandrhondablog0008 benandrhondablog0009 benandrhondablog0010 benandrhondablog0011 benandrhondablog0012 benandrhondablog0013 benandrhondablog0014 benandrhondablog0015 benandrhondablog0016 benandrhondablog0017 benandrhondablog0018 benandrhondablog0019 benandrhondablog0020 benandrhondablog0021

Mary and Gabe | Full Post

Photographing other photographers is fun but a little nerve-wracking…but it definitely takes a little bit of the edge off when those photographers are your friends and are awesome.  Mary and Gabe have been friends of mine really since I started my business three and a half years ago.  Mary has always been such a kind and generous person and photographer.  I really really like her a lot-and Gabe too!  He’s a real stand-up guy and has a keen sense of style (<—–I wanted to sound funny just then, but it is actually true!  He’s great!)  I really could go on and on and on about how wonderful and amazing and sweet and kind and funny and awesome these two are and all of it would be so true, but I kind of just feel like showing you these photos of them and their sweet pup and letting you see how sweet they are together!!

Also today I am starting something new on the blog. I honestly have been getting a little tired of the way I have been blogging. I’ve always really enjoyed other photographers who just put the images up and let them speak for themselves. It kind of gives the post a more emotional feel with out words in the way breaking up the photos. But doing it that way, I was starting to feel a disconnect from myself and the photos and in a way it felt less like art. Not sure if that makes any sense but I am going to make a few changes. First of all, I might be doing a little more commentary through out the post. Second of all, I am going to start highlighting a favorite shot in the beginning of the post with a little blurb about why I like the image that I chose. In a way I think it will make me think a little bit more about the images and the art that I am trying to create which I think will be a win win for myself and my clients! So here it goes 🙂favshotcmaryandgabeblog0001 maryandgabeblog0002 maryandgabeblog0003 maryandgabeblog0004 maryandgabeblog0005These two are a hoot-we were seriously laughing almost the whole time. maryandgabeblog0006 maryandgabeblog0007 maryandgabeblog0008 maryandgabeblog0009 maryandgabeblog0010 maryandgabeblog0011Wally is their dog.  He’s a stud. maryandgabeblog0012 maryandgabeblog0013 maryandgabeblog0014 maryandgabeblog0015 maryandgabeblog0016These two photos were a close second for my favorite images.  I love looking for photos in different places. maryandgabeblog0017 maryandgabeblog0018 maryandgabeblog0019 maryandgabeblog0020 maryandgabeblog0021 maryandgabeblog0022I really like these a lot too-Mary just looks so beautiful and happy! maryandgabeblog0023 maryandgabeblog0024 maryandgabeblog0026 maryandgabeblog0027 maryandgabeblog0028 maryandgabeblog0029Right around here is when we were in stitches laughing at something Mary did-it was one of those really good belly laughs! maryandgabeblog0030 maryandgabeblog0031 maryandgabeblog0032I also really love this one-there is something very nostalgic about it. maryandgabeblog0033 maryandgabeblog0034 maryandgabeblog0035 maryandgabeblog0036 maryandgabeblog0037 maryandgabeblog0038 maryandgabeblog0039 maryandgabeblog0040 maryandgabeblog0041

Johnston’s Maternity Photos | Full Post

Well this post is a little overdue.  I have actually already taken and posted photos of this sweet family and new little baby boy Cade.  So it’s a little out of order here.  But I actually kind of think it’s fun that way.  It was kind of neat to look through and edit these photos of Leah and Trevor right before Cade came, after seeing him  growing and learning and just being his cute little self.  It’s like looking back.  And as I mentioned before, Leah and Trevor are amazing people and parents.  We get to see them every week at small group at their house and just seeing them always lights up my day.  Also, I think Leah is one of the beautiful people that I know.  Thanks you two for being you and being friends with us.

Lisa and Jason | Full Post

Lisa and Jason are good friends of ours who recently celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary!!  I love anniversaries 🙂  Weddings usually get all the glory, as well they should because they are beautiful, amazing events.  But sometimes anniversaries are overlooked.  Maybe a card, maybe some flowers, but for the most part life is going on and sometimes you forget to reflect on just how amazing this thing you are a part of is.  Everyday you get to wake up to the person that you love, you know they are there for you, you trust them, you’ve seen the good and the bad, you are married.  It’s the result of that beautiful wedding ceremony that you took part in years ago.  What an amazing gift!  So when Lisa and Jason contacted me about doing some anniversary photos, I was so excited at the chance to celebrate these two and their love for one another.  And Lisa wanted to get back in her dress-which I was 110% okay with!  I loved getting to photograph a couple in wedding attire with out all the stress of the wedding day.  It was also kind of neat because I met Lisa when she and Jason were already married, so I never got see my beautiful friend in her wedding dress-so that was a fun experience for me! And to top it all off-Lisa is full of amazing, positive energy, so my camera was pretty much clicking the whole time. So,  to sum it all up, this was an amazing shoot and I am beyond thrilled that these two wonderful people had me document this time in their lives.