Sweet Babes | Cincinnati Newborn Photography

When you get to meet a person that is seeing this world for the first time, a person who only knows the love and comfort of their parents, a person who you know will grow and learn and become a part of this crazy world, when you get to meet those people, you are blessed beyond words.  In my job, I have the huge honor of meeting and photographing these tiny, squishy, lovable little people…babies.  Oh babies, they are so beautiful, so full of promise and love.   This winter I have been so honored to document several different families as they welcome and get to know these amazing little humans.  Here are just a few photos from some of those special families.

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Baby R | Newborn Photos

So I think my heart might have melted into a million pieces while I was editing these.  Since having Jonah, newborn shoots have taken on a whole different meaning to me.  I can relate to the mamas and the papas so much more and the urgency to document this precious sweet time is all too real to me.  It is such a brief time in their little lives, but so important and so holy.  These little ones are tiny and helpless and oh so beautiful.  They make the sweetest little faces and fit so sweetly next to your body.  While editing these I just could feel that, I could feel the squishiness.  This little girl is loved and I am so happy that I was able to document her as she just starts out on this journey of life.

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Pindela Family | Newborn

One thing I love about my job is getting to see peoples lives change through out the years as people come to me for different events in their lives.  This family has been special to me for a number of years.  It all started with Paige’s sister’s wedding, then I was blessed to document Paige (the beautiful mama in these photos) as she and Bart were married, and since then I have done a few other shoots for her and her family.  And each and every time I see them they make me feel like old friends.  They always have open arms and hearts.  The type of people that you know you are lucky to have met.

To say I feel blessed to document their lives as they embark on this new adventure of parenthood is an understatement.  I was overjoyed to be able to walk up to their door, give them a warm hug, and meet their sweet little girl.  And I won’t lie-it made me giddy with excitement to meet our own little one (in about 2 weeks)!  blogpindelafamily001 blogpindelafamily003 blogpindelafamily004 blogpindelafamily005 blogpindelafamily006 blogpindelafamily007 blogpindelafamily008 blogpindelafamily009 blogpindelafamily010 blogpindelafamily011 blogpindelafamily012 blogpindelafamily013 blogpindelafamily014 blogpindelafamily015 blogpindelafamily017 blogpindelafamily019 blogpindelafamily020 blogpindelafamily021 blogpindelafamily022 blogpindelafamily023 blogpindelafamily024 blogpindelafamily025 blogpindelafamily026

Baby Jackson | Cincinnati Newborn Photography

This newborn session is special because the beautiful mama in these photos is Dave’s cousin Sarah.  She and Matt are wonderful people, and we are so lucky to live close to them.  What was really fun about this session was that Sarah and I have been pregnant for the better part of the year together!  Seeing Jackson for the first time was so neat for Dave and I because it reminded us that at the end of this journey we will get to meet our sweet little boy!

Jackson is so precious and so little.  I just loved seeing him and looking at his tiny fingers and toes, and I loved watching Matt and Sarah jump into this role of Dad and Mom.  They are doing amazing!

jackson_newborn001 jackson_newborn002 jackson_newborn003 jackson_newborn004 jackson_newborn005 jackson_newborn006 jackson_newborn007 jackson_newborn008 jackson_newborn009 jackson_newborn010 jackson_newborn011 jackson_newborn012 jackson_newborn013 jackson_newborn014 jackson_newborn015 jackson_newborn016 jackson_newborn017

Newborn Photos

There is nothing more precious than a newborn.  They are squishy, tiny, love to sleep and dream of whatever babies dream about, they make adorable noises and their toes are the tiniest, sweetest things on the planet.  It was such a joy to photograph this sweet family in their home just a few weeks after their sweet twins were born.  Yes, twins!  Double the sweetness.

I also really loved this session because this family allowed me to do what I love to do with families.  They let me document a little sneak peek of their lives with these two new tiny people in the midst.  I used to not have as good of an idea how to approach newborn sessions.  There many people who are amazing at getting those “perfect baby” shots.  And that is their artistic eye and talent, but it is not mine.  I’ve discovered with newborns that I don’t like to bring a lot of props, and backgrounds, but just photograph them as I would other subjects.  I want to photograph them in the natural state, at home, being welcomed into their family, with their parents learning the ropes.  Parents who are so in love, so tired, and so beautiful.  This shoot was a really great experience for me, and I hope for the family as well. Also these two twins were beyond precious.  So so so cute!

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Ray Family | New Life

Hi Ray family.

I like your family a lot.  Everytime I see you (like here and here) my heart is warmed.  My heart is warmed by your beautiful love and your faith.  Your love for each other, and for your family is something that is special.  It something that you can’t quite describe, but that you feel.  You feel it when you hear the way you talk to your children, the way you look at each other, the way you are.  Thank you from the bottom of this heart for allowing me in to your home and your heart.  Thank you for allowing me to meet this little man and document a couple hours of his first few weeks as a traveler on this earth.rayfamilyblog0001 rayfamilyblog0002 rayfamilyblog0003 rayfamilyblog0004 rayfamilyblog0005 rayfamilyblog0006 rayfamilyblog0007 rayfamilyblog0008 rayfamilyblog0009 rayfamilyblog0010 rayfamilyblog0011 rayfamilyblog0012 rayfamilyblog0013 rayfamilyblog0014 rayfamilyblog0015 rayfamilyblog0016 rayfamilyblog0017 rayfamilyblog0018 rayfamilyblog0019 rayfamilyblog0020 rayfamilyblog0021 rayfamilyblog0022 rayfamilyblog0023 rayfamilyblog0024b rayfamilyblog0025b rayfamilyblog0026 rayfamilyblog0027 rayfamilyblog0028 rayfamilyblog0029