Film Adventures

I’ve had this awesome camera sitting on my shelf for nothing more than decoration for the past several years.  I think I thought it was broken or something.  But the other day I got inspired to actually see if I was right or not…why not put a load of film in there and try it out?  I sent in the film last week and have been anxiously awaiting the return of my film.   And I am pleasantly surprised with the results today.  They aren’t perfect, they have dust and they aren’t as contrasty as I normally do.  But that is why I LOVE them.  You might be seeing more film work in the future  on this here blog.  Enjoy taking a peek at some of our life on film.

Made my heart melt.

Are you all ready to see something so sweet and cute it might make your heart melt just like mine did?  Well you might not find it as melt worthy as I do cause I kind of love this man more than double fudge brownies-but I think you’ll have to agree it’s pretty dang cute.So this was at a recent weddings and these sweet little girls were telling Dave all about their night and how they wanted to ask this boy to dance.  I was just snapping some photos and then I heard one of the little girls say, “I can’t ask him to dance, I only talked to him, and it took all my guts!”  How incredibly cute is that?  I have to admit-looking at these photos and hearing Dave be sweet with these little girls kinda made me excited for if we ever have a little girl-she will have Dave wrapped around her little finger 🙂