Elizabeth and Matthew | Cincinnati Wedding Photography | Full Post

This wedding was extraordinary.  The couple, the family, the ceremony, the cathedral…it all pointed to a beautiful love.  Dave and I were honored to be able to spend this beautiful day with these two lovebirds.  I loved watching them together and photographing their sweet love! 

Faith and Josh Wedding | Full Post

If you meet Faith and Josh and their families, you will fall in love with them.  They are so sweet, so in love, there is so much love for family, and for goodness-  it can’t help but rub off on you.   Their wedding was at their Grandparents home (which got them bonus points in my eyes because our wedding was at our parents and grandparents) and it was nothing short of amazing.  And I loved how personal it was.  There were dozens of details and little parts of the wedding that were tied to their family-it made is so sweet and special.  And it wasn’t just the attention to detail that made family and family love seem so important to this day.  Family was all around, helping Faith and Josh get ready, get things ready for the day, and just being there to love on them and be there to support them.  It was a beautiful day and one that Dave and I were truly blessed to be a part of!

Lyndsey and Patrick | Full Post

If you follow my facebook page you might have seen a status recently that read, “I just finished culling through a wedding and I got excited with almost every image! Can’t wait to share!”  Well this is that wedding, and as I said, I am so excited to share it!  These two are so sweet.  We did their engagement session a little while back and from there I knew that they were perfect for each other.  They just get each other-their sense of humor is perfect for each other, they support each other, they love each other.  And it’s such a sweet love, and so easy to photograph.  I loved spending the day with them and their wonderful families.  It was a beautiful day outside, they both looked incredibly stunning (I mean how could they not), and there was just so much love surrounding them.

Charlene and Grant | Lexington Wedding Photography | Full Post

As I left this wedding I was filled with a sense of love and beauty.  There was nothing else to be felt.  Whether it was from the four beautiful flower girls that loved Charlene and looked up to her so much, or  from the angelic hymn,  joining the songs of the birds, that filled the open air during the ceremony, or from the love of family and friends that surrounded the bride and groom, or the love that almost palpably dripped from the two them as they looked at each other and took their vows,  it was obvious that love filled the air and surrounded all who were in attendance.  I was honestly and truly blessed by being able to be a part of this beautiful day.