Angie and Josh | Wedding

I so enjoyed documenting this sweet couples wedding.  I have started asking my couples questions after their wedding day.  Reading their questions has been one of my favorite things, and I feel like they can tell the story better than I can!  Enjoy this beautiful wedding story filled with so much love, tears, laughter and sweetness.

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“Moment #1 that stands out to me is when the doors to the church opened and I saw angie for the first time.”


I remember feeling so overcome with happiness that I couldn’t stop crying for the majority of my walk down the aisle, and the second I got close enough to Josh that I could relax and let out a laugh/smile

angieandjosh022 angieandjosh023 angieandjosh024 angieandjosh025 angieandjosh026 angieandjosh028

Something from your wedding day you never want to forget: “sitting together on the alter, smiling and giggling and indescribably happy “

angieandjosh029 angieandjosh030 angieandjosh031 angieandjosh032 angieandjosh033

“I think the way I felt the entire day. Absolutely no stress, pure happiness throughout the day. Also, the way I felt towards Angie during the day of the wedding is a feeling I would like to hold on to and replicate each and everyday throughout our marriage.”

angieandjosh034 angieandjosh035 angieandjosh036 angieandjosh037 angieandjosh038 angieandjosh039 angieandjosh040 angieandjosh041 angieandjosh042 angieandjosh043 angieandjosh044 angieandjosh045 angieandjosh046 angieandjosh047 angieandjosh048 angieandjosh049 angieandjosh050 angieandjosh051 angieandjosh052 angieandjosh053 angieandjosh054 angieandjosh055 angieandjosh056 angieandjosh057

“I remember kissing each other at the end of our first dance, we had so much fun twirling around in front of all our loved ones.”

angieandjosh058 angieandjosh059 angieandjosh060 angieandjosh061

Were there any laugh out loud moments?  “The second we heard our groomsman grab the microphone and belt out a ballad while the rest of his groomsmen posed as his body guards.”

angieandjosh062 angieandjosh063 angieandjosh064 angieandjosh065 angieandjosh066 angieandjosh067 angieandjosh068 angieandjosh069

Jennifer and TJ Wedding Story

A beautiful woman with an amazing smile, and a strong, quiet man invited us to be a part of their amazing wedding day.  It was an honor.  It was an honor to spend the morning with Jenni and her closest ladies at the salon, to watch as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, to watch them say their their vows, to listen to the speeches that their friends and family gave, to watch them dance and laugh and have fun.  That’s our job, we get to be there for these beautiful days and amazing moments.

jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography001 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography002 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography004 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography005 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography006 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography007 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography008 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography009test2 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography010 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography011 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography012 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography013 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography014 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography015 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography016 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography017 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography018 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography019 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography020 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography021 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography022 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography023 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography024 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography025 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography026 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography027 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography028 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography029 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography030 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography031 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography032 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography033 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography034 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography035 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography036 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography037 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography038 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography039 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography041 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography042 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography043 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography044 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography045 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography046 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography047 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography048 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography049 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography050 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography051 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography052 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography053 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography054 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography055 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography056 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography057 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography058 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography059 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography060 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography061 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography062 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography063 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography064 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography065 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography066 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography067 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography068 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography069 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography070 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography071 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography072 jenni_TJ cincinnatiweddingphotography073

Becca and Patrick | Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Spring was just beginning to give us a little tease on the day that Becca and Pat got married.  The trees held little green buds at the edge of their fingertips and it was warm enough were you were happy in a light sweater, sun shone and wind blew.  It was the kind of day where you wake up ready to go and accept life’s invitation to just enjoy.  On this day I’m sure these two woke up feeling that way.  I imagine them just opening their eyes, looking out the window and knowing that it was going to be a good day, a day for first looks and giggles, hands held and glances stolen.  It was a day for tears and belly laughs, for dancing and singing and throwing hands in the air.  It was all these things and so much more.  As one of the first couples of the year, these two certainly started things off with a bang.  I couldn’t be more happy for these beautiful souls. Congratulations you two!

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Amanda and Christian | Cincinnati Wedding Photography

I got an email from Christian a few month ago, read it, and instantly hoped they would hire me to document their wedding.

I actually had met Amanda a few years ago at a random network-y type event and would randomly see updates about her life through social media.  I knew she was a sweet and genuine person with a good work ethic and beautiful voice.  So that was already one reason I hoped I would get to document their big day.

The other reason is that they were getting married during a regular Sunday church service at the church where Amanda was a member and sung many weeks of the year.  I loved the idea of something different and meaningful.  There was a whole different vibe to the day, from getting there when it was still dark for getting ready photos, to seeing people and wondering if they knew the bride and groom or if they walked in to church and had a fun surprise, to the reception after where everyone who attended church that morning was invited, whether they knew the bride and groom or not.  They had such a sweet day, filled with beautiful moments and lots of love.  I was blessed to be able to join them and their church as they witnessed these two become husband and wife.

amanda_christian_blog001 amanda_christian_blog002 amanda_christian_blog003 amanda_christian_blog004 amanda_christian_blog005 amanda_christian_blog006 amanda_christian_blog007 amanda_christian_blog008 amanda_christian_blog009 amanda_christian_blog010 amanda_christian_blog011 amanda_christian_blog012 amanda_christian_blog013 amanda_christian_blog014 amanda_christian_blog015 amanda_christian_blog016 amanda_christian_blog017 amanda_christian_blog018 amanda_christian_blog019 amanda_christian_blog020 amanda_christian_blog021 amanda_christian_blog022 amanda_christian_blog023 amanda_christian_blog024 amanda_christian_blog025 amanda_christian_blog026 amanda_christian_blog027 amanda_christian_blog028 amanda_christian_blog029 amanda_christian_blog030 amanda_christian_blog031 amanda_christian_blog032 amanda_christian_blog033 amanda_christian_blog034 amanda_christian_blog035 amanda_christian_blog036 amanda_christian_blog037

Two Thousand Sixteen

This annual practice of looking at all my images has become something that I really look forward to.  Each year I find myself refining my vision and what it is that I love in a photograph.  This year I can’t stop thinking about the phrase “to be human”.   I want my photographs to convey that feeling, to show in just a small way the way it feels to be a human living and breathing on this big, beautiful, hard, amazing planet.

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Angela and Braddock | Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Pulling into Withrow Nature Preserve, my photographers heart did a little skip and a dance.  I should have known though, after my engagement session with these two where we meandered through the woods at Alms Park.  It seems the woods and nature keep wanting to make their appearance when I photograph these two.  They got married with a setting sun on one side, and on the other family and friends looking on with warm hearts and tears in their eyes.

angelaandbraddock001angelaandbraddock003 angelaandbraddock004 angelaandbraddock005 angelaandbraddock006 angelaandbraddock007 angelaandbraddock008 angelaandbraddock009 angelaandbraddock010 angelaandbraddock011 angelaandbraddock012 angelaandbraddock013 angelaandbraddock014 angelaandbraddock015 angelaandbraddock016 angelaandbraddock017 angelaandbraddock018 angelaandbraddock019 angelaandbraddock020 angelaandbraddock021 angelaandbraddock022 angelaandbraddock023 angelaandbraddock024 angelaandbraddock025 angelaandbraddock026 angelaandbraddock027 angelaandbraddock028 angelaandbraddock029 angelaandbraddock030 angelaandbraddock031 angelaandbraddock032 angelaandbraddock033 angelaandbraddock034 angelaandbraddock035 angelaandbraddock036 angelaandbraddock037 angelaandbraddock038


Nancy and Brian | Cincinnati Wedding Photography

I did not know that there was a beautiful vineyard just miles from my house until this beautiful wedding.  I also did not know how sweet and in love and beautiful Nancy and Brian were before I photographed their wedding.  But now, I not only know about an this incredible vineyard, but more importantly, I was able to get to know two beautiful souls.  These two humans were surrounded by an amazing family and friends all day.  Nancy’s sister sang an amazing song to the two of them, there was laughing under the stars, the were sweet kisses, lots of belly laughs, and some pretty sweet dance moves.  What a lovely day it was.


nancyandbrian001 nancyandbrian002 nancyandbrian003 nancyandbrian004 nancyandbrian005 nancyandbrian006 nancyandbrian008 nancyandbrian009 nancyandbrian010 nancyandbrian011 nancyandbrian012 nancyandbrian013 nancyandbrian014 nancyandbrian015 nancyandbrian016 nancyandbrian017 nancyandbrian018 nancyandbrian019 nancyandbrian020 nancyandbrian021nancyandbrian023 nancyandbrian024 nancyandbrian025 nancyandbrian026 nancyandbrian027 nancyandbrian028 nancyandbrian029 nancyandbrian030 nancyandbrian031 nancyandbrian032 nancyandbrian033 nancyandbrian034 nancyandbrian035 nancyandbrian036 nancyandbrian037 nancyandbrian038 nancyandbrian039 nancyandbrian040 nancyandbrian041 nancyandbrian042 nancyandbrian043 nancyandbrian044 nancyandbrian045 nancyandbrian046 nancyandbrian047 nancyandbrian048 nancyandbrian049 nancyandbrian050