Having my own child has made shoots like the one I am about to show you a million times more meaningful for me. I am a photojournalist at heart, yearning to find those real-life moments that seem bigger than life, but also oh so true.  Daily life is where we all live.  That is kind of a strange sentence, but what I mean by it is that the posed, curated, and perfect images that we see around us all the time are pretty, but they aren’t our real lives.  Our real lives are less glamorous, but more beautiful.  Our real lives are filled with moments that are immense, but often go unnoticed.  That is what I love doing – noticing.  I want to notice your everyday beauty.

This family invited me into their home to document their everyday beauty.  It included dinner and a little pout over the wrong color plate, it involved an impromptu living room dance party and the trek up the stair to get ready for bed.  I witnessed Dad getting the little ones all scrubbed up while Mom floated around magically getting things done and ready for the next day.  I watched a bed time story and a kiss goodnight.  And at the very end I witnessed a husband and wife sitting back, getting their feet up and enjoying the end of a full, busy, and beauty-full day.

What can I witness for you??  Are there little pieces of your life that are so common and so sweet, but will fade away with time?  If anything of this post pulled on your heartstrings, you should think about sending me an email…let’s chat!

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