Day in March

March.  Marching forward.  That’s kind of what I feel like we did this month.  Marching forward through winter, through sleepless nights to the Spring ahead.  We have been tired, but full of joy as we get to know our little girl more.  The cold weather lingered this month, no early Spring.  We found ourselves baking and playing and visiting with family.  We can’t wait to get outdoors in the next few months, but until then…these months of staying warm together in our home and (longingly) looking out the window will do.   dayinmarch002 dayinmarch003 dayinmarch011 dayinmarch012 dayinmarch017 dayinmarch020 dayinmarch022 dayinmarch024 dayinmarch028 dayinmarch042 dayinmarch045 dayinmarch049 dayinmarch056 dayinmarch057 dayinmarch069 dayinmarch072

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