Classy. Elegant. Full of life. Full of love. Sweet. Family Oriented. Lovely.  These are the words I thought of when sitting here thinking about Erin and Ryan’s beautiful wedding day.  They were married at St. Cecelia Church in Cincinnati and had a parade immediately following their ceremony to their reception at the 20th Century Theater.  And yes, you heard me right, a parade.  The feeling of joy and celebration was palpable as everyone marched over to the theater led by a four person ensemble proclaiming their love through the lively jazz music.  You couldn’t be there and not have a huge smile on your face.

And watching them two of them.  Watching Erin and Ryan would make anyone’s heart melt.  You just knew they felt so comfortable, so known, so loved with each other.  It was a blessing to be a part of their world for one day.

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