This shoot ended just as sweet as it started.  Right before I left I witnessed a Dad carefully playing and listening to his son’s ideas.  They giggled as they made ice cream rocket launchers from tangram puzzle pieces while a Mother sweetly read books and rocked her son to sleep.  Blue twilight streamed in the windows as the yellow glow of the bedroom lights cuddled them in a warm hug.  As I snuck out, I knew two little boys were tucked in and a sweet husband and wife were getting ready to unwind for the night – my heart was warmed.  And I haven’t even told you about the beginning of the shoot yet.  You know what, I think pictures will do a better job than I, so just take a peek into the life of this sweet Cincinnati family. familydayinlife002 familydayinlife003 familydayinlife004 familydayinlife005 familydayinlife006 familydayinlife007 familydayinlife008 familydayinlife009 familydayinlife010 familydayinlife011 familydayinlife012 familydayinlife013 familydayinlife014 familydayinlife015 familydayinlife016 familydayinlife017 familydayinlife018 familydayinlife019 familydayinlife020 familydayinlife021 familydayinlife022 familydayinlife023 familydayinlife024 familydayinlife025 familydayinlife026 familydayinlife027 familydayinlife028 familydayinlife029 familydayinlife030 familydayinlife031 familydayinlife032 familydayinlife033

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