In an attempt to blog a bit more regularly, I am going to have 2 weekly posts.  I will most likely write them at night after my little man is upstairs and dreaming of being outside and chickens and goats and milk and crayons.  Every (ish) Tuesday I will write about a photo that I have taken that I happen to really really like and then every Thursday I will write something from the heart about our little lives here in Cincinnati.  So here it goes!


This photo that doesn’t even have a face in it speaks more volumes to me than many I have taken with big grins.  It was snapped during the toasts – the bride and groom sat next to each as they listened to kind words being spoken about them.  Their hands gently holding during a sweet moment.  You can just imagine the look on their faces, perhaps looking at each other or maybe smiling big, tear-filled smiles at her Dad who was giving the toast.  You can see the half empty glass of wine signifying that the night has already begun. I love searching and finding images like this during the day, it’s like a treasure hunt. The treasure is sweet, beautiful, tender moments (not unlike moments that happen all around us all day, everyday) that will now be remembered instead of forgotten.

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