Goodness gracious – the months following Josie’s birth have flown by.  I never put up our February post.  Better late than never.  It was a month of getting to know our little girl.  dayinfebruary001 dayinfebruary002 dayinfebruary003 dayinfebruary004 dayinfebruary005 dayinfebruary006 dayinfebruary007 dayinfebruary008 dayinfebruary009 dayinfebruary010 dayinfebruary011 dayinfebruary012 dayinfebruary013 dayinfebruary014 dayinfebruary015 dayinfebruary016 dayinfebruary017 dayinfebruary018 dayinfebruary019 dayinfebruary020 dayinfebruary021 dayinfebruary022 dayinfebruary023 dayinfebruary024 dayinfebruary025 dayinfebruary026 dayinfebruary027 dayinfebruary028 dayinfebruary029 dayinfebruary030

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