I got a film camera a little over a year ago.  I have been playing with it on and off for a little bit this past year.  My digital definitely sees the most use from day to day, but part of me always feels drawn to the beauty and mystery of film.  These photos go back a to last Spring, summer, and even a couple of winter photos.  The Zenza Bronica that took the photos usually sat patiently on my bookshelf waiting patiently for me to bring her out on an outing, and even though the times were few, I am glad I had her accompany me some this past year.  There is something special about these images, perhaps it is the fact that I didn’t bring them into any editing software, just loaded them right on to this blog, my eyes didn’t weary from staring at them and deciding what filter to use, it just looks beautiful and has an emotive look just as they are, maybe it is the fact that each photo was a concious decision, knowing I only had a few frames to take the image I want (not to mention the expense of the developing making me really think about what kind of photo I am taking and why), perhaps they are so special because film is just special, and always will be.     filmblog001bfilmblog002 filmblog003 filmblog004 filmblog005 filmblog006 filmblog007 filmblog008 filmblog009 filmblog010 filmblog011 filmblog012

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