This is the Fowler family.  I have photographed them several times before.  I think we counted and it was definitely over 10.  Each time is so fun and each time I am so thankful that they have chosen me to document their family.  I mean, that is beyond huge.  I have gotten to witness their family and their children grow.  I have been to their home, played with them at the park, gone to brunch with them, walked the streets of both Cincinnati and Lexington.  Yes, I am blessed to know them, and to be a witness to the beauty in which they have surrounded themselves.

This shoot ended up being a little random.  We were supposed to have an outdoor shoot, however when they got here (these rockstars drove from Lexington) it was pouring rain, like cats and dogs downpour.  Trying to think quick on my feet we decided to go the lobby of a hotel here in Cincinnati which ended up working perfectly.  Then as we were done we walked outside and the rain was gone!  We took the opportunity to go to Fountain Square and splash in the puddles and make pretty pictures.

Once again, thank you Fowlers…you are good people.

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